VW unveils GTX brand for ID. series

The company unveiled the performance brand for its emissions-free cars.

One of the biggest concerns that I had about VW slowly committing to electrification was that they would be unable to create fun performance cars like the Golf GTI that could be used on our roads after 2030. Fortunately, VW seems to have us covered.

Yesterday, the company unveiled the GTX sub-brand that would be used to identify the more hardcore members of the ID. family, with the first car to receive such treatment being the ID.4 crossover, set to be unveiled on 28th April.

Not much is known about the car, apart from the fact that it's going to have 302bhp and all-wheel drive - which is going to be possible with the addition of an extra electric motor at the front axle, a feature that's going to be seen on the upcoming ID. GTX cars.

Klaus Zellmer, Board Member for Marketing and Sales at Volkswagen stated, "The letters GT have long stood for driving pleasure. Now the X is building the bridge to the mobility of the future. Sustainability and sportiness are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other intelligently."

This might be one of the best decisions VW has made in the last 10 years, because this means that even after BoJo bans petrol and diesel cars, future generations will be able to enjoy driving a fast electric car, that by comparison to other fast EVs is affordable and more practical.

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