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VW updates the Hippy Bus for the Apple generation

1w ago


VW Type 20 Microbus is a cultural icon. During the '70s it was used to haul around a bunch of smelly hippies to the protests where they would get high, drunk and knocked up. You either love it or hate it.

And now, there is an updated version for today's generation of slackers - a fully electric Type 20 Concept.

It is just...

The car celebrates 20 years of Volkswagen's Innovation and Engineering Center California and is just the most Californian thing ever made. Check this out:

Type 20 Concept is fully electric, so it will not harm the planet - so they say. The battery capacity is just 10kWh, which is a tenth of what Tesla can do, and an electric motor produces only 120hp - which again is... not a lot. No matter.

To unlock it you have to let it scan your face. Like the Apple Face ID. And that is not the only thing they took from Apple. It has a voice assistant, like Siri.

There is also a longboard skateboard-thingy in the back for when the bus runs out of juice.

But the most prominent detail is the use of 3D printing in wheels, side mirror struts and couch stands that makes them look completely organic.

To sum it up: organic, electric, Apple, hippies, skateboard.


Written by: Styp P