VW Virtual Auto Show: Take a 3D tour around the Geneva Motor Show 2020

It's as close as you will ever get to this year's Geneva Motor Show. Thank you, Volkswagen.

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A lot of motoring events have been canceled this year - almost every event we petrolheads look forward to is not going to happen or will be significantly delayed (and then killed off anyway).

Car companies have to cut costs wherever possible, which is bad news for many of the sportier prestige models with smaller profit margins.

Car companies had to improvise on short notice. Normally, that's not a big deal. You just take your cars to a pretty place around the globe that suits its character and do your big reveal there.

But this time around (with all the travel restrictions in place), it didn't work out that way. VW has come up with a pretty nice solution: They don't invite us to an event - they bring the event to our homes!

Welcome to the first-ever VW Virtual Auto Show!

That's right, you can visit it for free from anywhere around the globe.

Click here to start your tour!

Volkswagen have made quite an effort to design this virtual event for us. Sure, it's not a replacement for a real-life event, but it's still enough to give you a good overview of what it would have been like if Geneva had happened.

You can either take the predefined walking tour by pressing the "play"-button in the bottom right corner or use your arrow keys to move around and explore the whole thing on your terms. Yes, it does feel a bit like a video game, but that's not a bad thing at all.

Interactive panels you would not find at a real car show

Some of the cars displayed, such as the new Golf GTI, are featuring special interactive panels. You can change the cars' colors and sometimes even scroll through the different wheel options. Sure, the graphics aren't perfect, but there are huge LED-screens, information screens, and even chairs to take a virtual rest.

See the ID.3, the new Golf GTI, Touareg R, T-Roc R and so much more at the first-ever VW virtual auto show.

I enjoyed it. Did you?

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  • This is just awesome. I have spent quite some time on this virtual tour. I wish more car companies would make something like this.

    Thank you for sharing it 😁

      1 year ago
  • Okay, this the coolest thing I've found on the net today. Many thanks for.sharing!

      1 year ago