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VW's new Touareg, what's it like?

Is VW finally ahead in the SUV market?

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The SUV market seems to just be unstoppable and is becoming wildly popular across the globe meaning our friendly car manufacturers need to keep up with the competition in developing SUVs in a way they have never been seen before.

This rapid growth has led to many car manufacturers entering into the SUV market, and many coming from supercar or luxury brands as well. Take Lamborghini or Rolls-Royce for example, nobody would have thought that these two companies would have even considered developing a modern SUV, but look at them now.

Although these brands are undoubtedly great, do you need to have one in order to have a largely luxurious and outstanding SUV? My answer is no, and my justification for that is simple: the new VW Touareg.

VW have been in the SUV game for many many years with the mid-size SUV, the Touareg, beginning its life back in 2002. The car has come along way since then, I'm not so sure it can be called "mid-sized" anymore as the vehicle is quite large and incredibly spacious inside, not to mention it's comfort.

The original VW Touareg (autoevolution.com)

The original VW Touareg (autoevolution.com)

I got the opportunity to test the new Touareg and to play around with some of the features, such as its fairly complicated infotainment system, and might I just say, no matter your view on SUVs, this car would most certainly blow you away.

Let me go more in-depth in discussing this vehicle:

The Performance:

What's a good car review without speaking about how the car actually goes? The vehicle is powered by a 3.0 turbo-diesel V6 producing a moderate 190kw as well as an impressive 600Nm of torque. Believe me when I say that the Touareg pulls like a train and really knows how to keep you in your seat. The only real downside (which is not very significant) is the slight amount of turbo lag upon pull off, but when that turbo kicks in, you KNOW it's kicked in and then; the fun begins. The car boasts a 0-100km/h time of just 6.2 seconds which may not be supercar acceleration, but that's coming from an SUV that weighs over 2 tons! Quite impressive if you ask me, and that's not even a performance model! However, the car is so smooth and silent that even at high speed the vehicle feels like it's moving at a regular pace (that is until you put your foot down and the train-pulling sensation returns). All in all, the car performs well and will definitely shock some. However this is not the only model, some countries will be able to enjoy a V8 varient, but unfortunately not anywhere near me.

Touareg Executive R-Line

Touareg Executive R-Line

The Features:

Apart from looking incredible (and yes I do consider that to be a feature), the new Touareg is packed with features to ensure the driver is always entertained and kept as safe as possible while enjoying those nice long drives down to the coast. The most obvious feature that seperates the vehicle's interior space from that of its competitors has to be its infotainment system. The car can be equipped with a massive 15-inch touch screen that controls almost everything that happens within the car, and some outside, meaning traditional buttons have all moved to digital. Equipping this screen also means you get a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel for the driver to enjoy with customizable clocks as well as control over certain parts of the car such as media or displaying navigation right in front of the eyes of the driver. This digital overhall is not the only feature this piece of machinery has to offer, the car can be equipped with fancy dynamic LED headlights that adjust the brightness or direction of beam according to other cars on the road (the lights literally cut out a block of light around nearby cars), the car has the option to have a night vision display on the digital instrument cluster which not only allows one to 'see in the dark' but also detects people in the road ahead, this car has climate control not only in the front but even seperate for the rear passengers to enjoy and take control of and not to mention the extremely comfortable seats this car has boasts over many of its competitors. The optional Dynaudio sound system will definitely want to keep you jamming to your favorite roadtrip hits for hours on end. It's clear, it's loud and has enough bass to ensure your neighbors can feel you arriving home at night. Let's not forget the ambient lighting creating a modern yet comfortable atmosphere in the car and can be switched between 32 colors! With all these customisation options, you'll never get bored of driving your baby! This is only beginning to a large list of (sometimes optional) features this SUV has to offer, good job VW!

Touareg Executive R-Line Interior

Touareg Executive R-Line Interior

How good is it at being a car?

A lot of automotive fans from around the world are against the idea of big bulky SUVs, but cars like this can prove that they're not just top heavy, bad performing and obnoxiously large vehicles. The Touareg has everything one wants in a car; comfort, performance, safety, excitement, the list goes on. The car does not feel heavy due to the fancy technology the car has to offer, such as the active suspension which eliminates large amounts of role going around corners. One can easily spend hours and hours driving aroung in the car due to its comfort and homliness. It is certainly a pleasure to drive and trust me, I've experienced the vehichle, it can be very fun to drive.

So how good is it exactly? It's good, very good. Definitely a vehicle I'd love to own and definitely shows what VW is capable of these days! If you don't believe me, do yourself a favour and visit your nearest VW dealer, I can almost guarentee this car will impress you, even compared to many of the other vehicles in its class. What do you think?

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