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W Series Interview - Linsay Fabienne

We caught up recently to chat about W Series, her love of engineering and much more.

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Linsay Fabienne is a race mechanic currently working in W Series. She's also studying to become a race engineer and recently spent time at the Formula 2 and Formula 3 testing session in Barcelona to gain more experience. At just eighteen years old, she's becoming a bit of a trailblazer and has a strong social media following.

We caught up recently to chat about her love for motorsport, W Series, engineering and much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

What made you want to pursue a career in motorsport in the first place?

My dad has always worked in motorsport as a team boss/driver manager/mechanic and stopped working in motorsport when I was about 12 years old. After Max Verstappen won his first Formula One Grand Prix there were some ‘Max Verstappen Racing Days’ at Zandvoort and my dad was invited to come. I asked to come with him and got to meet a lot of amazing people on track. A little time after I went to the Formula One test at Barcelona together with my dad and Jos Verstappen. I had an amazing time and I thought I wanted to do something in the social media/communication areas but I knew I wanted to do it in racing as I fell in love with the sport. My dad took me to a Formula 4 team where I got the opportunity to learn more about the car as a mechanic, that was pretty much the moment I knew I wanted to work as a mechanic in motorsport 😊

What makes you so passionate about engineering?

I was always interested in engineering, but my dad told me I needed to know the car first as a mechanic. I love making the car faster and the information behind it.

What’s it like being part of W Series?

It is really amazing and a dream come true. Obviously, it is great to see the racing of these girls but everyone of W Series is really kind and I am having the best days with them.

You're going to be working at the F2/F3 Testing sessions in Barcelona, what are you most looking forward to about that?

Obviously I look forward the most is the fact I will be back on track. I really can’t wait to see everyone again and to work again. As I am studying aeronautical engineering, I will work with the engineers to learn more about the engineering/aerodynamic side of the car and I am really looking forward to learn more about the car.

Is there a specific type of motorsport you’d love to work in that you haven’t yet, e.g. F1?

Good question, I am a big fan of Formula One and the junior series. Formula One is obviously a big dream but I love working with the junior drivers as well and I really hope I can teach them more in the future.

What’s been your favourite moment from working in motorsport so far?

A lot, every race/test is special. If I have to choose one it would definitely be the W Series reversed grid race in Assen (2019). I got the opportunity to work for W Series for the first time and worked as the mechanic for Megan. Megan started from pole and managed to win the race by 0.034 seconds (if I am correct). I have never been so nervous as I was the last lap but it was definitely the best day of my life to win!

Photo Credit: Linsay Fabienne

Photo Credit: Linsay Fabienne

Do you have a favourite racing driver?

I think every racing driver is different and every racing driver has something special that I love. There is not a specific driver that I say like yes he is my favourite racing driver but the racing drivers I have worked with are my favourite ones. I have worked with drivers like Megan Gilkes and Beitske Vissers but as well with Liam Lawson and Artem Petrov so they will always be special for me.

You love engineering - would you ever want to work at NASA or do something space related?

At the moment I am really into race cars, but never say never. Some cars nowadays are like a little space ship so it has something to do with each other but for now I am working on motorsport.

What do you like to do in your spare time that’s not motor racing related?

I love having a good dinner out with friends and family.

Photo Credit: Linsay Fabienne

Photo Credit: Linsay Fabienne

What’s the funniest joke you’ve ever heard?

Haha I have no idea, my first language is not English so I don’t think the jokes we make are funny in English 😂

Would you put pineapple on a pizza?

Haha no. I am quite basic if we talk about pizza. If you give me a margarita I will be happy :)

Finally, do you see yourself as a role model for other women in motorsport?

To be honest, not really. I do what I love and one thing I really hope is that everyone does what they are dreaming about, I really believe that when you do something you are passionate about you can achieve it.

Big thank you to Linsay for taking the time to chat.

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Comments (6)

  • Another good addition to your W Series interviewees - and good to see that it is not just the driver's in W Series that are international - I think Linsay is right when she says that if you do something you are passionate about you can do well - she's also right about pineapple on pizza! I think more should be done to promote and encourage Women in Motorsport (in all roles) and think this series is a positive step, well done.

      4 months ago
    • Glad you like the new addition to my collection and thank you for the kind words.

      I think everyone over on FoodTribe should take note of the pineapple comment as it's correct.

        4 months ago
    • You're welcome - you do good stuff and I think it should be recognised

        4 months ago
  • Exactly! Find your passion and the rest will fall into place.

    Can't wait to see the W series back in action!

      4 months ago