- Photo Credit: Nerea Martí

W Series Interview - Nerea Martí

The 2021 W Series driver and I caught up recently to chat about racing, the upcoming season and more.

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Nerea Martí was born in Valencia back in 2002 and has loved racing from a young age. She competed in the Spanish Formula 4 Championship in 2019 where she got on the podium by finishing in second place in just her second race that season at the first round of the season at the Navarra circuit. She finished sixteenth overall, just beaten by fellow Spaniard Belén García.

This year, Nerea will join the W Series grid for the first time. We caught up recently to chat about her love for racing, her aims for W Series this year and much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

What made you want to go racing in the first place?

I started when I was nine years old driving go karts on Karting Horta Nord. At the beginning, my father and my uncle didn’t let me compete because they didn’t know the world Motorsport very well but then in 2015, I did my first race with my father as my mechanic and finally, two years later, Praga Spain signed me as an official Praga racing driver. Nowadays I’m going to race in W SERIES which is a great opportunity for me.

You made your professional debut in Spanish Formula 4 and scored a podium on your debut – tell me all about that!

It was my first race in formula 4 and I was still learning, but I knew the championship regulations well and thanks to this I was able to make a second position in my first race of Formula 4.

What are your aims for W Series this year?

The main objective is to learn and enjoy the experience a lot, it is a new championship for me, a new category, new circuits, a new formula. But I am working hard to be able to arrive 100% prepared and to be able to fight for the first positions.

Are there any other categories of motor sport you’re interested in, e.g. Formula 3, Rallying, Indy 500, etc?

I love motorsport so I would not mind trying other disciplines!

Do you feel any more pressure in the world of motorsport as a female racing driver?

I don't feel more pressure for being a woman, I work and train like any other driver to reach the top.

Photo Credit: Nerea Martí

Photo Credit: Nerea Martí

What's your favourite film?

My favourite film is “A star is born”

What’s your favourite snack?

Something with chocolate 😂😂

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I love animals, I have one dog and one cat.

What's the last song you listened to?

The last song I heard was “flamenco y bachata” by Daviles de Novelda. It's a Spanish song 😂😂

Which racetrack would you love to race on that you haven’t yet?

I would like to compete in Monaco or in Spa and this year I will have the opportunity to compete in Spa with the W series.

Photo Credit: Nerea Martí

Photo Credit: Nerea Martí

Thank You to Nerea for the interview and I wish her the best of luck in W Series this year. The first race of the season is in Le Castellet, France on the 26th June.

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