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From the moment I saw Jack Keller's BMW Wagon, I knew it would be one of this week's contenders. His wagon features nice modifications but remains a practical family car. This 540iT Wagon has air suspension, attractive rims, a 6-speed manual swap, and a roof rack for bikes.

(Borrowed from Jack Keller's Facebook, hope you don't mind)

Jack is just one of the many petrolheads whose wagon (or estate cars) provides a stylish and sporty ride, with the ability to carry friends and family, and also allow for an active lifestyle. The addition of air suspension means this BMW Wagon can be lowered for car shows, but also raised to deal with speed bumps. Overall, Jack has a really good deal going with this car, and I hope to see more of it.

There are lots of honorable mentions, including Antti Konsen's Mitsubishi VR-4, BØRGE VIKEBØ's Volvo, David Grimshaw's Saab 95, Oli Kox's Subaru Legacy GT-B, Jay Klein's Saab 9-3, and much more. I may revisit some of these user rides listed and more, so stay tuned. One thing disclaimer I have to make is that currently, I am a bit sick after having oral surgery, so I may not be around all the time. In the future, I will also try to put more research into these posts, but this situation has put me a bit behind schedule. Thanks again for getting the Wagon Mafia tribe past 1k members, and I hope we can become an even larger community once this site becomes completely open to the public. If you need the rules, go see the original post here: www.drivetribe.com/p/W6rcUflgTU-OcOUyG7NEng/PRRjkH3mTz2mH6HQawDBeg

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