Wagon of the week #2: Top Ten Launch Week Wagons

2y ago


With over 8,500 members at the time of writing, I am very proud of how well Wagon Mafia is doing right now. Things have slowed down a bit, however, so I am going to create some content to keep things interesting, starting with this top ten list. If you did not make the list, don't worry, I probably still love your wagon, but the post would go on forever if I didn't pick some favorites.

#10. All the Old Volvos!

I couldn't choose just one, so I decided to just give up and include all the old Volvo's posted, (especially the 240s). The ones that stood out to me were Jake Hall's blue 240, Matt Hardigree's maroon 240, Emanuel Saleniuc's Volvo 760, Owen Bauer's 940? with Boat on top, and Mackeever Coates's Volvo 940.

#9. Dan Hubbard

Dan Hubbard's Nissan Skyline r31 Wagon is a true forgotten gem, but he tells us he not only owns a one r31, but this is one of 4 r31 wagons he has owned. Dan is really lucky to have owned 4 different classic, boxy wagons such as this.

#8. All the Subaru Legacy GTs

Again, I failed to include just one; many of you here on Drivetribe have nice Subaru Legacy Wagons just like me. My favorites were the GT and GT-B Legacys. Jamie Knight's blue GT-B was a favorite, but I also liked Mike Perlman's grey Subaru GT in rare Manual, Stefan Socha's Legacy GT-B, and Josh Mcintyre's grey Subaru Legacy GT on black rims.

#7. Damir Grbanoviĉ BMW e34 Wagon

Damir's BMW e34 Touring is a beautiful machine in its own right, but his use of the wagon for exploration and adventure is what really interests me. What wagons provide is lots of extra practicality while sacrificing little in handling and performance ability, making them ideal road trip vehicles. I can safely say this BMW lives up to the tagline of "Ultimate Driving Machine".

#6. The Nissan Stageas

I saw a few nice Nissan Stageas on the tribe, practically a Skyline Wagon which could be just as fast as a GT-Rs of the time. The Stagea is the Unicorn to the GT-R Godzilla. Murphy-James Munroe, Skip Taylor, and Mark Woodley all have cool white Stageas and Keith Robertson owns another awesome gray Stagea.


#5. David Grimshaw's Saab 95

David's Saab 95 Wagon is a small wagon, with not a lot of horsepower, so why do I rate it so highly? While it may not be the most fun car to drive, this Saab is a true classic. Another thing this wagon does is make me feel bad we don't get to have anymore new Saabs. This 95 Wagon is an antique car, and a charming one at that.

#4. Nick SGAMBELLURI's Audi Quattro Wagon (B2)

I'm not 100% sure what model of Audi this is, but I do know it is a classic Audi Quattro Wagon. Not only does this wagon look neat, but Nick says that the 5 Cylinder engine produces 440whp. The style and performance of this wagon is world class, and it honestly makes me a bit jealous.

#3. Scott Durnel's Commodore Wagon

Scott is the lucky owner of a heavily modified Holden Commodore Wagon, which is equipped with a manual transmission connected to a V8, air suspension, 20 inch forged rims, an aftermarket stereo system, and gloss dark grey wrap. America is really missing out on these Australian muscle cars, and I am deeply saddened the world will no longer be blessed with new Holdens and Australian Fords. Scott's wagon is just awesome, there is no denying that even if "slammed" isn't your style.


#2. Miro Valtanen's BMW E30 Touring

The E30 Touring is one of those cars I and many others covet. The combination of an award winning chassis with wagon practicality is a win-win for everyone. Even better, Miro's Touring is a flashy bright orange, and lives up to its looks with 580hp via a big turbo. I hope to see more of this unique tuned wagon in the future.

#1. Colin Owen's Dual Engine Volvo 850 Wagon

The wagon version of the Zero F**ks Given car from /drive, this 850 Wagon makes about 900hp according to Colin from both its front and rear mounted twin charged engines that have two turbos and two superchargers between them. A crazy car yes, practical? Probably not. I'm not sure if Colin still owns this beast, but if he does I really want to see more of it around. At first glance, you wonder if this car is a ricer, but when I saw the videos, it proved Colin is serious about this car's output. Its cars like these that renew my faith in humanity, that maybe we can all enjoy a crazy wagon once in a while.

Hope you guys enjoyed the list. Don't fret if you did not make the list, I will announce atleast one winner per week from now, and you can post more pictures if you want to increase your odds. Thanks for your time everyone, and long live the Wagon Mafia.

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