If you’re a 1/18 collector who has not been under a rock for the last several years, you are aware of 2 scourges currently afflicting the hobby; plastic models from AUTOart, and resin models from just about everybody else. How are we to collect “diecast” when they’re not even diecast? While I do somewhat share the concern about these other materials, as you are about to see, diecast can have it’s own scourge to deal with.

I didn’t share this 1/19 Anson Mercedes E420 Estate to talk about zinc pest though. Since I’ve featured the Mercedes S123 and S124 wagons on the previous two Wednesdays, I might as well keep going. And since I believe it’s important to share the bad along with the good, we’re not going to skip past the S210. While there have been a number of 80’s and 90’s Benz models coming on the scene recently, we have yet to see better versions of either W210 models. The biggest problem I have with the Anson (besides it disintegrating before my very eyes) is that it is off scale. Other than that it is about what you’d expect of a budget model from the 90’s. The rear doors are sealed and everything else opens on huge doglegs. Under that mangled hood sits a very decent rendition of the M104 inline six, which you definitely did not find under the hood of an E420. Maybe this was just Anson foretelling us that the Germans would decide that numbers don’t matter. The interior of the W210 was fairly simple in design, and Anson captured it well. It even has molded and painted controls, which is not a guarantee these days. Until we get a better version, the Anson will hold a spot in my collection. I just hope it holds together.

Demonstrating the synergies of the Diamler Benz/Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep merger. (I know that came after. Let me have my joke.)

Those of you who have worked on Benzes know how nice the "service" position of the hood is to have, but that can't beat the off position of the Anson. Not pictured: the E420's M119 V-8.

No door makes for easy photo takin'

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