The Mercedes W124 lineup to me are arguably the best cars ever produced by Mercedes Benz. They came at a time when Mercedes was still an engineering lead company, and hadn’t had to react to competitors (Lexus) on cost. The W124 cars have everything that you could say was good about the W123 platform cars, while still being modern enough in their looks and conveniences to mostly hide the fact that the newest W124 is still almost a 25 year old car. And if the W124 is the best platform, then surely the longroof S124 is the best version. Throw in an AMG motor and some Monoblocks, and you have a sure fire winner on your hands. Those Monoblocks were all I needed to justify grabbing this model from Ottomobile, despite already having an S124 from Best of Show.

That aforementioned BoS is a pre-facelift version with the lower body-side cladding, but Otto’s version is the post-facelift version. Apart from the AMG kit, visual distinctions are minor, basically consisting of a new hood, headlights, and on the non-wagons, tail lights. Interior changes were just as minor, with a new smaller steering wheel and passenger side airbag replacing the glovebox. Being from Otto, this is a sealed resin model of course. So there’s not much to say. The grille is sealed, the windows are thin, the paint is great, and the shape and stance of the car are damn near perfect. The interior has an OK level of detail. The upper dash is done well, but the center controls are only represented by a flat waterslide decal. This is unfortunately par for the course with Otto, but you don’t buy budget resins for their interior quality. What you buy them for is shelf presence, and for that purpose, this Otto delivers.

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