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Wait! Is that Nico Rosberg?!

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Wait! Is that Nico Rosberg?! has been inspired by my 9-year old nephew’s current obsession with imagining that EVERYONE seen in the background of the grid walk interviews during this year’s F1 competition, are in fact the former Driver’s World Champion, Nico Rosberg. Which meant that kindly Uncle Drivl promised his eagle-eyed nephew that he’d look into such wild and unfounded claims a little deeper, and endeavour to examine the evidence put before him.

Having never shown anything even bordering on love/positive emotion for the 2016 F1 World Driver’s Champion during his active years as a racing driver for Mercedes AMG, it’s been a very different story since Rosberg spectacularly announced his retirement; and after claiming the top spot two years ago. During which time my nephew has been strangely fascinated by Lewis Hammertime’s former team-mate. Not only that, but whenever Rosberg does put in a brief appearance on our TV screens, he forlornly muses about how – and I quote - “he loved Nico.” A sentiment I struggle to agree with.

Unable to get to the bottom of just why my nephew suddenly holds Rosberg in such high esteem, especially given that he was Hammertime’s nemesis for so long (and bearing in mind my nephew is a diehard Lewis fanboy), hasn’t stopped me being intrigued by the whole episode.

And, do you know what? I’ve decided I’m quite happy to go along with it. And like my nephew says, Rosberg can easily be mistaken for a lot of people in a crowd. Or the other way around.

For example; picture a roomful of Leonardo DiCaprio dopplegangers attending a Leonardo DiCaprio look-a-like convention, let’s say. In that particular situation/contextual surround, my nephew hypothetically exclaiming; “Wait! Is that Nico Rosberg?!” is instantly justified.

'Wait! Is that Nico Rosberg?!'

It might be....

Nico, Or Fake Nico? YOU Decide….

So, kicking this occasional blog post off, we scrutinise THIS photo, taken at the Glastonbury Festival last summer. Arguably a natural habitat for a straight-laced German with a regulation haircut and more of a Kraftwerk sense of movement, as opposed to a more frenetic Biffy Clyro one. And yes. Examining the evidence there’s certainly an argument for both sides, as the Nico-a-Like does look the spit of Rosberg-for-Real, if indeed, he isn’t Herry Nico.

Tell you what though, I’ll leave it with you for now. As there’s very little to distinguish whether or not that is actually Nico or a fake Nico. Because, let’s face it. The Photoshopping (if, we imagine it to be fake), is nothing short of advanced level.

Anyway, join me in the same place next time round, when once again – spurred by my young nephew - I’ll be enquiring; “Wait! Is that Nico Rosberg?!”

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