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Apparently its Just a shameless Instagram plug: @87sjp

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What with Drive Tribe being all new and stuff this is just another boring introduction to a person you don't know. But there's a difference here.

That's a lie, there is no difference.

I'm a part of the Quattro Life Tribe. There are 3 of us. They will claim that in this I will shamelessly plug my photography and I will. Instagram - @87sjp

We are 3 friends that love cars and all such things of the like. Josh will tell you he is a race driver and faster than you at karting. His confidence isn't misplaced, he's actually alright at it. Curtis is the more geeky techy member of Quattro Life, I don't think I've raced against him and he's done an awesome job of designing the Quattro Life logo.

Me? Well I'm the sarcastic one, naturally funny and medium sized member of the Quattro Life Tribe. I love photography too and am just as passionate about it as I am with cars.

Did you hear about the magic tractor? It was driving up the road then turned in to a field

Don't lie to yourself and pretend you didn't laugh. I told you I was funny.

Did you hear about the magic tractor? It was driving up the road then turned in to a field

Sebastian Page

I want this page to be all about motoring experiences. Whether it is something you've experienced or something you've overheard. What has made you laugh, cry or made your blood boil so much while driving, that for a few seconds you seriously considered murder and weighed up doing 30 years in prison because that idiot driving in front cut you up or was a middle lane driver. Don't deny it either, we've all been there.

As I write this I had to swerve while driving, as I got cut up earlier this week, by someone driving an Audi, the irony is not lost on me. I was forced into a lorry and damaged the rear passenger side, the lorry was fine The Audi driver didn't stop. Repairs come to £1200. Jerk.

Did I mention I have a facebook page too? www.facebook.com/sebastianjphotography

While Josh truly believes he's Lewis Hamilton, I grew up watching the World Rally Championship (WRC) so naturally I feel I'm like Colin McRae. Spending my youth playing Colin McRae rally is where I got my practice and honed my skills, yes skills. Keeping to the laws of the road of course. I really resonate with Colin's best quote - 'If in doubt, flat out'.

You need to find a Bavarian girl and have her say Vorsprung Durch Technik to you

Sebastian Page

Why Audi? Well I say to you Vorsprung Durch Technik. I was in Munich for Oktoberfest this year and in between the dancing on the tables, ein prosit's and the many steins (Hofbrauhaus beer tent is the best), I found a lovely Bavarian girl named Sophia. I politely asked her to say those 3 words to me. I'm glad I did, it sounded super sexy. You need to find a Bavarian girl and have her say Vorsprung Durch Technik to you, just trust me on this one. I digress, Vorsprung Durch Technik literally translates as advancement, or to leap ahead, through technology. Have you seen the new Audi virtual cockpit? Its an Audi masterclass. Hats off to Audi, they've certainly lived up to their slogan and really leapt ahead of the competition. It certainly puts BMW and Mercedes in the shade, and is a big advancement against their German rivals. For me, Audi's attention to detail is exciting, they're beautifully crafted and well thought out. There's an equal mix of comfort and style. It really is German engineering at its finest.

Josh said something that rings true, 'we all have these little obsessions with cars that don't really need a reason. This is what Drive Tribe is all about, sharing and talking about your obsession with likeminded people'. So lets share our motoring experiences, whether for the good or for the bad. While you're at it too, have a look at my Instagram @87sjp

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