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Waiting for season 3: A review of the first episode of The Grand Tour

To kill the time which separate us from the new episodes of the show, some random thoughts on the first episode of season 1

Few days ago, I did a short review of the first episode of Top Gear, you liked it, so I thought to talk about the first episode of The Grand Tour.

The wait for season three is actually killing me, in the last two years, the upcoming episode of The Grand Tour helped me kill the stress of the lavorative week in the awfully stressful, for the ones who works on retail, Christmas period. A beer and crisps on the couch, watching these three cocking around, were my light at the end of the tunnel of a 7/7 days week at work.

Anyway, let's talk about the first episode of the biggest, craziest, show about cars (?)...in the world.

The most beautiful thing obviously is the opening, that short clip, is one of the most emotional moments in all Clarkson Hammond and May history

Let's be honest, we're used to have our heart broken by the BBC, I’m a Doctor who fans, and regularly they broke my heart, but all the Clarkson affair was a hard thing to swallow, I remember the Bring Back Clarkson, the petitions, the riots of the fans and the utter, befuddled sadness at the end of the last episode of Top Gear as we knew it, and then the joy and the hype for what was coming soon.

Here in Italy, we had to wait a few weeks before the release of The Grand Tour on Amazon prime video, but I remember the comments on Facebook when the first episode was out. People celebrating, organizing watchalong with their mates, ordering pizzas and opening beers, in a sort of worldwide party, for give a big, warm, welcome back to the trio, like they were soldiers coming home victorious from the battlefield.

That opening sums up all perfectly, the music, the cars, the smiles! Oh the smiles when the cars align on the road before start their wild run through the desert, until arrive at the burning caravan and then the memorable introductions before join the audience in the tent!

The cars weren't less spectacular, the holy trinity, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and the Ferrari LaFerrari, a trio of hypercar what we wanted to see on the same segment since the Top Gear era, was for sure an explosive way to start the new show. Banters, speed, and the usual cocking around, were back, and even better, in 4k, such a good quality of image to be staggering.

I did laugh from the beginning to the end, even at celebrity brain crash, cause yes I liked it, the whole episode was epic, one of my favourites ever.

Highlights :

Unless to say, the opening sequence

Clarkson and Hammond comparing their cars, also quoting Trainspotting and James Bond.

Conversation street

The fight with the audience about Royal Air Force

The final part when the times of the cars were announced.

Best car:

The Porsche 918, because it's the fastest, don't try to kill you at every corner, is the cheapest and has racing stickers

I've written much than I meant to, and I could keep going actually, but now I leave the words to you…

What’s your favorite moment of the first episode, except the opening?

How did you watched it? Tell me how you spent that time!

Thanks for reading!

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Comments (11)

  • I admit I had a massive smile in the beginning when I saw those three drive together. It was a masterpiece the first episode

      2 years ago
  • That was an epic.

    I can never forget the opening scene.

      2 years ago
  • It's hard to believe that this is already 2 years, I had to make a rewatch actually; and my favourite part is

    Introduction of The Eboladrome - test track in shape of ebola virus, how cool is that?! I liked it so much that friend gave me a T-shirt with eboladrome on it😁

      2 years ago