Walter Röhrl's rally heroes

As part of Porsche's Top 5 YouTube series, the legendary Walter Röhrl ran through his top five rally cars. Here's his list.

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911 Paris-Dakar: As the predecessor of the victorious 959 Paris-Dakar, the 953 (as this car is also known) took part in the 1984 Paris-Dakar rally, where drivers René Metge and Dominique Lemoyne won the famous event. This modified 911 was converted to four-wheel drive using the all-wheel drive technology of the yet-to-be-released 959 – hence why it's also sometimes called the 911 4x4.

Cayenne S Transsyberia: modified for the Transsyberia rally, this rally version offers V8 power from the Cayenne GTS with 385 PS. That was enough ooomph to ensure Porsche wrapped up the first six places in 2008, after having covered a distance of 7,108 kilometres.

924 Carrera GTS: Walter Röhrl is familiar with every single detail of this car, as it's the car he rallied in the 1981 German Rally Championship. It won first time out and then followed that up with three more wins and a second. Impressive stuff, for a car that was built in just eight weeks.

911 SC Safari: in 1978, Porsche took part in the Safari Rally in Kenya with two vehicles that were heavily modified for the event. Both gained an additional 28 centimetres of ground clearance, massive underbody protection and a reinforced body, all to prepare it for the punishing terrain and distances involved. The rally covered some 5,000 kilometres in total. Even after having suffered major damage to the rear axle, Porsche still managed to be the only team reach the finish line with both cars. They ended up second and third.

911 GT3 (996): apart from its striking zebra paint job, the car is most famous for the noise it makes. Fans flock from miles around to hear it blast past as it competes in the German rally scene. The “Zebra” is successfully driven by married couple Ruben and Petra Zeltner - turns out some couples can give each other driving directions.

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  • Thats a nice fun read. I like how there's always few comments with Mr.Webbers posts, I guess no one dares to argue over the details on his posts. LoL 😄 Merry Late Christmas, Happy New Year ! 🥂

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  • A few years ago there was a dedicated exhibition in Stuttgart "Auf neue Wege" (on new tracks)...

      1 year ago
  • I would love to own a porsche, but I would need to own a lift to do any work on it.

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