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Want a Suzuki Jimny? You might have to spend up to 20 years on the waiting list

That's if you live in Indonesia, anyway...

1y ago

Everyone loves the Suzuki Jimny. It's a no-nonsense, no-fuss little off-roader that can tackle the rough stuff pretty much just as well as anything from Jeep or Land Rover. In fact, everyone loves it so much that the demand for them in some places has got sky-high. This is especially true in Indonesia where, according to a report from the region, the demand for the Jimmy has got to the point where used examples are selling for as much as $37, 500 and Indonesian customers are rumoured to be on anything between a 10 and a 20-year waiting list for one. As we all know, waiting lists aren't unusual for newer cars, but this is almost unprecedented!

Why has this happened? Well, whilst not a lot of specific details have come out regarding the matter, it seems like it's a classic case of underestimating supply and demand. Suzuki's Japanese headquarters seriously underestimated how popular the Jimny would be in that region and are reportedly looking into ways of alleviating it. This could include opening up a new production line in India, meaning that the Jimny could be built in much bigger numbers. Nothing concrete seems to be set in stone yet, but Suzuki already has a significant presence in this regard in India so it wouldn't be too difficult to get an extra Jimny production line kickstarted there.

Perhaps the demand might also be partly alleviated by the fact that the regular passenger Jimny is no longer allowed to be sold in Europe due to it not meeting emissions regulations. This has led Suzuki to refit the Jimny for European markets as a commercial vehicle with a niche similar to commercial versions of both the original and the new Land Rover Defender. Jimny sales will no doubt be much reduced in Europe because of this and could free up production capacity for sales in high-demand markets like Indonesia.

Image: Suzuki Automotive

Image: Suzuki Automotive

Whatever the solution may be, it's pretty clear that the Suzuki Jimny is still an incredibly popular vehicle, as it absolutely should be! Whilst it looked like European emissions regulations could have killed it off, it seems like the market for the little 4x4 that could is still incredibly buoyant in the Far East. Hopefully one day, with the advent of better EV technology, we'll see the Jimny carry on far into the post-ICE future.

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Comments (7)

  • Reminds me of DDR.

      1 year ago
  • I like the looks of those.

      1 year ago
  • Indonesian here.

    A lot of people hoarding the Jimny to be sold again for almost twice the Dealer Price.

    And also, Not to mention that Internet Influencers keep increasing the value of the Jimny.

      1 year ago
  • I’m not surprised. It’s cute, practical, inexpensive and it really has no competition. It’s great off road, I’d say probably a great little town car and I imagine dreadful on the motorway. What’s not to like. Sign me up.

      1 year ago