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Want An Ultra-Rare Morgan Aero 8 SuperSports?

O​nly 180 were built and the one of them is up for sale

6w ago

M​organ is known for building some of the craziest cars ever. They've built the Three Wheeler, a very fitting name for an open top three wheeled "car," as well as the Roadster and the iconic Aero 8. The Aero 8 in its SuperSports variant is probably the most well-known Morgan model, as it celebrates the company's centenary. The Supersports is a ludicrous lightweight sports car with a very limited 2010 production run of 180 units. One of those targa-topped machines is up for sale with only 2,739 miles on the odometer. Maybe you'll be the next owner.

Because the SuperSports is a topless version of the AeroMax, it uses reinforced body parts to help support the chassis. The lightweight reinforced parts are made with high-strength aluminium, paired with a modified trunk, fuel filler, and trunk to make sure the weight is down. So much so the car that only weighs 2,600 pounds, even though it utilizes a 4.8L(!) V8 from BMW.

T​herefore the performance is bonkers. With over 360 horsepower and an automatic transmission, the Supersports can go 0-60 in 4.1 seconds and can keep pushing itself all the way to 170 miles per hour. Can you imagine going that fast in a car that barely weighs a ton and a half... with the roof down? I know I can't, and it's not in my financial plan to do so. If you are interested in purchasing this British beast you can do so here.

W​hat are your thoughts on this Aero 8 SuperSports? Tell us in the comments below!

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Comments (18)

  • At least it’s the headlight updated version! The frog eyed previous gen put me off these. I bet its a riot to drive.

      1 month ago
  • you gotta love that retro design

      1 month ago
  • The only way I could like that more is if it were BRG/Tan! 😍

      1 month ago
  • My god, it's ugly

      1 month ago
  • Looks crap sorry

      1 month ago