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Want new M4 power, without new M4 looks?

Well here is your option! In fact... you have multiple options!

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The new M4 looks... decisive. I think you would be a fool to not admit that it is 95% stunning. But, that 5% (the grille) is where the trouble starts. Personally? I don't mind it. I realise that everyone will now call me a BMW fanboy, but I genuinely think it is alright!

But what if you don't? Well, then how about these...

Cardologie BMW M4 Cabriolet



Normally I protest against blacked out cars with massive black alloys and black leather, but this slips past the radar. It looks mean, doesn't it!

It drives mean, too! 513bhp, 700 Nm, top speed in excess of 180mph, and sports suspension to lower the height! I know, it's a cab, but that open top may just heighten the experience, if you go in with an open mind (and not having driven the Coupe). This is a pretty badass car!

Manhart's BMW M4 Cabriolet



If you want a bit more 'pizzazz', then this is the M4 for you! Manhart has added a JDM-esque bodykit to the car, and upped power even further to 690bhp and 900Nm of torque! In case you can't be bothered to scroll up and compare, that's 90bhp and 200Nm than the tune above!

In complete contrast, this gets white leather, carbon fibre accents and bright blue paintwork! Rather more costly though, I expect!




DMS is a very well known tuner, that sticks to the bits inside where it matters! They are extremely good at what they do, and they add a removable chip that stays within warranty and could even be applied to a company car! They take the M4 up to 547bhp and 690 NM, only using a chip!

It can also come with a sports exhaust, redesigned dials and a gearbox remap, to increase the performance. And you can leave the outside stock, or go to somewhere else for that!

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Comments (6)

  • A DMS tuned previous gen is the perfect antidote for grill gate if you are a BMW fanboy and must have an M3.

    Whilst the previous gen wasn’t pretty per say more technical, it’s positively pretty compared to the new ones horrendous mouth job gone wrong.

      25 days ago
    • I think the new cars are already starting to grow on people, but BMW have always been a bit bold with design (I hardly see Audi bringing an i8 out) but for now it’s still a bit off for me

        24 days ago
    • Agree, familiarity will change that perception over time. Look at the 7 series and X7, nobody talks about them anymore. If anything BMW has got loads of people talking about it which is a marketeers dream.

        24 days ago
  • One bit of a nitpicking remark: you mention the Cardologie (513 bhp) and the Manhart (690 bhp) and then proceed to tell us that the Manhart has 90 bhp more than the Cardologie. So, either I've gotten really bad at math overnight or something else is wrong in this equation :-)

      1 month ago
  • I'd take the E92 M3 any day over all of them. Better looks, better sound, I'm not asking for much more than that.

      24 days ago


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