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W​ant the craziest and best value 911? Then buy the mind-boggling 997 Porsche GT2

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O​nce it was the latest and sort after hardcore 997, that was in 2007. So how does the GT2 stand up today? Is it still a Porsche 911 that you have to buy?

W​hat makes the 997 GT2 exciting is that it brings together the ordinary turbo from the 911 with a GT3 chassis. Of course the turbo is not your standard fare, it has been slightly tinkered with by the team at Porsche. The uprated engine has been made more powerful than the base 997 Turbo’s. It now has 523bhp at 6500rpm and a constant 502lb ft between 2200-4500rpm. Not bad at all, even in 2019.

I​mage Porsche AG

T​his power is stopped by the standard carbon ceramic brakes and, being a GT2, all the power is from the rear. The supplied 325/30 19in Michelin Pilot Cup tyres help keep the rear end and power in check. But just remember the GT2's nickname is the 'widowmaker' so try not to get too comfortable!

I​ guess the question is does in match the speed and performance of similar cars today? Well the GT2 according to Porsche will accelerate from zero to 62mph (100k/mh) in 3.7sec - fast enough? Oh, and it won't run out of power until it gets to a crazy 204mph (386k/mh).

T​he perfect drivers setup (Image Porsche AG)

S​o is the 997 GT2 a legitimate buying proposition in 2019. Well in one word, yes. Of course with any car over 10 years old undertake you necessary checks as things like ceramic brakes can be costly to replace. But the look, the feel and the power is comparable to most modern sportscars. Just don't forget that it is a 'widow maker'.

S​till perfect today (Image Porsche AG

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