Want to boost sales of your souvenir shop? Here's how you do it.

I'm not going to lie, I have no idea if this has affected the sales figures anyhow, but still, what a brilliant marketing idea! You place a motorcycle on a porch of your shop, make sure it's tidy and in good condition (I bet it starts too!) print huge banner related to your business and voila...people will drop by, take plenty of pictures and eventually buy your goods. This is one of our local souvenir shops. As a unique selling proposition they have chosen our region, its peculiarities, traditions, tastes, soviet and local flashbacks. (I'll add the link to it in a comment section). Bike enthusiasts, can you name the model for me please? It is Ural, right? In our neighborhood region we have a production of this legendary brand. I have heard that it is very popular in USA. Is it still? Very curious to know.

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