Want to save yourself from Covid-19? Travel in this aircraft!

With limited seating capacity and affordable fares, it couldn't come anytime sooner.

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Every industry today is trying hard to recover after taking a huge hit from the Coronavirus pandemic. Generally, bigger the industry, greater is the damage caused. This holds true for the aircraft industry which has been put into such an imbroglio that coming out from the agonising phase ain't going to be easy. As we see a large-scale shift of people from public transport to private transport, here is one Californian start-up company, Otto Aviation which aims to further the move by launching a small but spacious aircraft, the shape of a bullet that will seat six in paramount comfort. The seats can be customised according to the person's choice.

The Celera 500 L aircraft aims to bring private transport at the same cost that you will have to bear the next time you fly by any commercial airplane. The plane was spot testing three years ago and you can expect to get a ride in it not before the next 5 years.

Does its size and small engine capacity restrict its top speed? No. To be honest, you can venture on an excursion in this aircraft travelling at a top speed of 460 mph (740 Km/h). While this is a tall claim, even taller are the mileage and range claims made by the optimistic execs. They say it can return a fuel economy figure of 18 to 25 mpg (7.6-10.6 Km/L) and can cover a distance of 4,500 nautical miles. In essence, these figures suggest that you can travel between two American cities without being prudent of filling the the tank in between. However, let's just hope this happens until the production model is ready.

It is propelled by 12 cylinders in V-shape (twin-six cylinder layout) and will use Jet A1 and biodiesel fuels to cap the carbon emanations. Though the aircraft isn't full-blown, it passed in the aerodynamic efficiency test conducted in 2019.

Post the launch of this aircraft, that is the need of the hour, the company also aims to build a freight aircraft called Celera XL and and a bigger jet with double the passenger capacity which will be christened Celera 1000 L.

As only a protoype has been out, the silhouette featuring in these images doesn't flank windows. However, it has been outright funded. The company is waiting with bated breath for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification and is rummaging for a manufacturing facility where these small but big enough space crafts can be manufactured.

Such a bold move comes from someone at a time when this is exactly what the people could aspire for. They want safe and reliable commuting, whether on road or in the air. The heavily restricted seating capacity ticks the existing norm of social distancing to contain the spread of the ghastly virus. It won't be fastidious enough to command a premium from the people making it on par with the regular ticket fares that we pay. Bilateral ties can continue to flow seamlessly without any katzenjammer. The fact that it has been duly funded means the plan was always under the purview of the founders serving as a telltale that no financial issues are expected to crop up to prevent from impeding its normal operation. In a nutshell, I think whoever thought of this is wise enough and we should see the final model ready as soon as possible.


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  • Hondajet, Gulfstream, Cessna, aren't they making the same thing?

      26 days ago
    • Could be but this brand seems the most aplomb as this is the sole project they have undertaken.

        26 days ago