- Pic Credits: redlinecars.com.au

Want To See The Supra Without Camo?

I love the Internet, especially car forums. It is a place where people go and bicker about their favourite cars and be stubborn about their point being correct. But, once in a blue moon information sharing users are legends - Why? because those users manage to get some insights way before car shows official announcements.

Well I do know a lot of Supra enthusiasts are out there and are patiently waiting for the Official road version to be launched and they can buy one, if they have the money for it. But, the Supra is said to only be unveiled on January 14, 2019 at the Detroit Auto Show. Well some bloke out there managed to get a pic of the fifth gen A90 Supra (My best guess before being transported) without the camouflage and posted it on a Supra Forum. As a Christmas Gift to all of you, below is the picture - Merry Christmas!!

PIc Credit: supramkv.com



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