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Warsaw Motor Show 2018: killing me softly

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The Warsaw Motor Show started today (November 16, 2018). One of the biggest car events in the Central Europe (according to organisers). Four halls with more than 1000 exhibits! The halls are so huge that a track for electric cars was built in one of them. I didn’t have a chance to explore all halls today as I stuck for five hours in the first.

Important note. I wouldn’t hang out at the Motor Show without the Drivetribe. I got a media accreditation (presspass?) for a “closed to public day” as the Drivetribe ambassador. Kudos Mahmood Ansari! This accreditation changed my life in two significant ways. First, I could interact with the cars I liked much easier. Second, I could leave the event without spending hours in the traffic jams at the exit.

Below you have a bunch of pictures to get you into the spirit of the event.

The grand opening. It was short, but condensed. It also involved the highest representatives of the Polish government. What I took for myself is a fact that 500,000 new cars are expected to be sold in Poland this year (state's population is ~38 million). 2018 will set a historic record of Polish consumerism! In other words, the state economy works good and people are optimistic regarding their future. Poland seems to be a nice place to live today!

The grand opening

Here’s the pre-premiere stand of the KHM Warszawa (Warsaw) company. A small private enterprise consisting of industrious enthusiasts who decided to revive the iconic car from the 1950s. The Warszawa M20. The first mass-produced post-WW2 individual vehicle in Poland. I took this shot before the grand opening. More Warszawa pictures, including its newest reincarnation, below.

Warszawa M20, another Warszawa M20 GT (in fabric) and VIP room

Here’s me sitting in the Tesla’s drivers seat (drivers?). Confidently looking into the future. Hopefully, the future without the lithium-ion electric cars.

Tesla & me. Or me & Tesla.

Why should lithium-ion cars die? Read here:


Citroen. One of the latest models. Probably. Otherwise, why would it be exhibited? Near the helicopter aka the “event boss”!

New generation flying car?

Caution! Hot! Aston Martin Superleggera is hot! The look, the eyes (read: reflectors), the curves! Danger!

Unveiling status: successful! Important details can be seen with naked eye.

Actually, the Aston Martin brand was well-represented at the Warsaw Motor show. They brought two Superleggeras, two newest DB11s, DB2, Vantage and Lagonda. Yes, the love-it-or-hate-it Aston Martin’s BFR (Big F… Rocket) was also exhibited. The access to all that beauty and poshness was quite repressive, however. Sharp dressed security men did not like more than ten visitors entering the company’s stand at once. But I broke through.

Some undistinguished Lamborghini. Nothing special. Scroll down.

In yellow

Pink drifting monster. Piloted by Karolina Pilarczyk, Polish drift girl, Queen of Europe 2016 & 2017. This moster looks cool. But, unfortunately, I'm not that interested in drifting, so let's move to a neighbouring stand.

This makes fast & sideways!

The interior of the European Car of the Year 2017, which is the Peugeot 3008. Honestly, I used to hate this interior. Because it is sooooooo uncommon. The gauges high above the steering column. The “deformed” dash as if it was hit by a steel pipe. The abundance of chaotic “unbalanced” lines. But today I changed my mind. The interior is super-nicely assembled and feels super-cool. It is “light” and spacious. That spaciousness, by the way, came as a very pleasant surprise. Other French brands, such as Citroen (C3) and Renault (Megane), seem to lack it. They use too much botox!

Important note: I liked Peugeot 508 even more! The sport-looking four-doors coupé.

The car which parle français through its design

Now, let’s come back to the KHM Warsawa stand. The car’s been unveiled. Aaaaaand, it looks somehow Frankenstein-ish. The M20 from 1950s was a Polish car built on a chassis of the Soviet GAZ Pobieda. The M20 GT from 2018 is a Polish car built on a chassis of the American Ford Mustang. The tradition of building cars on successful chassis of the world’s "imperial" cars lives through decades. The Polish team, however, made this car look and drive differently from Mustang. It is more spacious, longer, higher and somehow humpbacked (in positive sense). Its electronics is different (because Chinese). Its interior is… creamy.

Some undistinguished Bentleys. Nothing special again.

In white and blue

Finally, here’s one more Polish attempt to revive the long-deceased cars. One more Frankenstein “committed” by the FSO Syrena. The chaps strove to put onto new wheels and chassis the legend of the 1960s: Syrena 100 series. They got the financing by the EU and Polish government. However, their attempt looks unconvincing so far. Their Syrena (Vosco?) resembles a remake of the Opel Adam (Or Vauxhall for my British readers). The infortainment screen, actually, greets you with the Opel’s logo.

Buuuuuut, the new Syrena is a tidy car. And it can be muscular as one of its sport versions stables 400 horses!

Little Polish punchy somethi

That’s probably it for today. But you can watch videos in my other publications! They are really cool!


At the very end, here you have some "no comments" pictures.

And here’s the full reportage from the last year’s Motorshow:


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