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Warsaw Motor Show 2018 videoreviews: part one

Peugeot 3008, Warszawa M20 GT, SsangYong Musso & Lexus LC 500

2y ago

The organizers proudly declare that the Warsaw Motor Show is one of the biggest car events in the Central Europe, if not the biggest. The fourth edition took place this year (November 16-18, 2018). Four halls with more than 1000 exhibits! The halls are so huge that a track for electric cars was built in one of them.

Now, let me introduce you to some of the cars I personally found very interesting. Hope they’ll also be worth your time and attention.

WARNING: all videos are total improvisation!

Peugeot 3008

The Peugeot 3008. The European Car of the Year 2017 (not the world’s best car, as I joyfully proclaimed it in the video). A five-door front engine front-wheel-drive compact SUV. The best-seller with around 100K people ordering it the first six months; 50K of those people had no previous experience of owning a Peugeot (and touching its i-Cockpit). The 3008s powertrain ranges from 130 to 180 hp and meets the Euro 6.1 standards.

And yes, sorry for the sound. It is not that good in the first part of the video. The operator had too many fingers with nowhere to place them; one of his fingers muted the microphone and I had to mutilate it afterwards (joking).

Peugeot 3008. Picture taken from: peugeotnigeria.com

Peugeot 3008. Picture taken from: peugeotnigeria.com

Apart from 3008, the Peugeot also exhibited the 2008 and 508 models. The last one is my favourite in the 2018 line. The sport-looking four-doors coupé. My biggest surprise of the entire Warsaw Motor Show.

Peugeot 508. Picture taken from: response.jp

Peugeot 508. Picture taken from: response.jp

Now, if you want to read how the Peugeot conquers the world, click here:

Warszawa M20 GT

The KHM Warszawa (Warsaw) company, a small private enterprise consisting of industrious enthusiasts, presented their attempt to revive the iconic commy-car from the 1950s. They called their attempt Warszawa M20 GT and assembled only 100 vehicles. So, you literally have no chance to encounter this car anywhere else in the world.

The question remains open whether you’d ever like to encounter this car. Some critics say it is nothing, but a heavily modified and humpbacked Ford Mustang. Assembled with love, creativity and high feeling of patriotism.

SsangYong Musso Q200

The SsangYong Musso Q200 is a mid-sized pickup truck screwed together in the South Korea and first presented to the world on the Geneva Motor Show 2018. Warsaw was not that far behind! The name “Musso” means rhinoceros in Korean. This said, my first impression was indeed the bullet-proof-ness of this vehicle when I got on board.

If interested in the Musso, you have a choice between two engine types: 165 hp 2.0 L e-XGDI 200T petrol turbo or 181 hp 2.2 L e-XDI 220 diesel. Both push forward ~3,2 tons of the vehicle’s weight on a part-time-four-wheel-drive basis. The Musso can also tow ~3.5 tons.

SsangYong Musso in Geneva. Picture taken from: anyscrapcar.co.uk

SsangYong Musso in Geneva. Picture taken from: anyscrapcar.co.uk

Interesting fact: SsangYong created its first Mussos in cooperation with the Daimler-Benz. These were SUVs, not pickups, however.

Lexus LC 500

Now, continuing with the Asian engineering tradition. Here you have my take on the Lexus LC 500, which appeared to be much more of the car than I anticipated! And I’m not speaking here of the luxury only.

The car is powered by a hybrid-free 5.0L V8 engine with direct fuel injection, Atkinson cycle operation, and other nerdy technical innovations. The engine stables 471 horses who run the fastest at 7.1K rpm. These horses are harnessed by a Direct Shift ten-speed automatic transmission. Guys, once again: the TEN-freaking-speed AUTOMATIC transmission.

The LC 500 uses front-engine, rear-wheel drive platform built up of high-strength steel, aluminium, and carbon fibre. This platform provides lower overall mass, improved weight distribution, and lowers centre of gravity.

Developing the anime theme further, this is what I mean...

...and this:

This is it for today.

However, here you have the second part of video reviews:

And the photo-reportage from the event:

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  • It feels like I joined the university with your lectures again...

      2 years ago
  • That pickup would be nice to have in the place I live. Because big, spacious and all-terrain. It is four-door vehicle, right? Do you know the price?

      2 years ago
    • Yes, this is a four-door vehicle. As for the price, it starts from $24,000. The car was planned as a competitor to Raptor and Hilux.

        2 years ago
  • Great video! it is such a pleasure to watch u speaking about cars with such a passion!

      2 years ago
    • Thank you! Don't forget to vote for your best car / video in part 2!

        2 years ago
  • You look nice on the video. You speak emotionally. Please, keep on recording things.

      2 years ago
  • Nice to see and hear more from you Ost. Very surprisingly to see your first pick up experience only now, pick ups are our supplementary diet here! Would love to see more photos of the Polish Built Mustang!

      2 years ago
    • Thank you for the comment, Matt. Indeed, trucks are super-rare in Poland (hope you'll see it yourself soon). Because there's neither space on streets, nor clear necessity to own them. SUVs do much better job. As for Polish Mustang, here you...

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        2 years ago
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