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  • Spirit, defined.

    6 days ago
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  • Today is a special day! Today is my birthday, at the 1st of December. As a present from you, I dream to get the answer on my question. Have you delivered my presents for you to England well? :) I am so worried that I don't know what to do. :) You are keep silence about what was the next. But I was so happy to surprise you, to made all this wonders for you ! Your joy made me happier in my memory :) I am happy when you are happy! And it is so when I watch The Grand Tour Show. I like to see when you are three happy together with your wonderful cars :)

    I also have another one present for you. Because I know you don't know Polish, but you have an interest to the some cars there. I decide to translate the signs near the cars from Polish to English and take more photo to let you look at the cars in details :)

    11 days ago
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