- An electric Jaguar E Type?

Was The Jaguar E Type Concept Zero The Best Car For Prince Harry's Reception?

1y ago


By Phil Bradley

Like it or hate it, unless you were living under a rock, it would be pretty hard not to hear about the Royal wedding on Saturday. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex chose to drive a Jaguar E Type Concept Zero on the short journey from Windsor Castle to their Wedding reception at Frogmore House.

The Concept Zero is an electric version of the 1968 classic E Type Jaguar, which produces no emissions. The 220KW motor takes the car to 60MPH in just 5.5 seconds, and came with a bespoke number plate. The E Type was dubbed the most beautiful car in the World by Enzo Ferrari, and Jaguar took the beauty of the E Type and brought it up to speed with modern times by making the vehicle electric. It's not something anyone could buy though, as the Concept Zero costs a whopping £350,000!

The couple used the electric car to drive from Windsor Castle to their Wedding reception

The car made an excellent choice for the occasion, capturing classic British design with modern technology as the couple silently pulled away from the castle to depart for their reception.