Watch: 10-tonne Dakar lorry slide up the Goodwood hillclimb

When one thinks of the Goodwood hill climb and the record-breaking cars that fly up it in under 50 seconds, the first machines we all think of are Formula 1 cars and the odd hill climb special. The common denominator between all these cars making them so fast is their lack of weight. In fact, the top five fastest cars to ever complete the course have a combined weight of under five-tonnes.

Therefore, the last vehicle one would expect to see drifting through Molecomb bend is a ten-tonne lorry. However, at this year’s Festival of Speed, Red Bull decided to show off its Dakar challenging Kamaz Kapotnik Rally truck. Have a watch here:

This absolute behemoth is powered by a 12.5-litre turbocharged diesel V8 engine producing a jaw-dropping 1000hp. This massive amount of power is sent to all four wheels through a 16-speed ZF gearbox. It is able to hit its top speed of 100mph for hours thanks to no less than a 1000-litre fuel tank.

Obviously, the Dakar racing monster isn’t best suited for the tight and twisty Goodwood hill climb course. However, the driver seems to be having a lot of fun trying to transfer all that weight allowing the truck to get sideways around some of the more iconic turns. However, what’s even more impressive than the truck’s run up the hill is its attempt at tandem drifting with a fully prepped Lexus drift car.

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