W​atch a bunch of giddy Italians drift a Bugatti EB110 prototype in the snow

W​inter testing sure does look fun

1y ago

A​utomakers are frequently known to test their latest models in snowy conditions, however, what this usually involves is a man named Garry testing the braking distance of the new Subaru Legacy Outback at 45 MPH in the snow.

H​owever, in the rather grainy video above you can see a bunch of very happy Italians drifting an early Bugatti EB110 prototype in the snow. This video was shot way back in 1989 and here you can see the 12 cylinder beast simply sliding around in the snow to make sure that the breaks work, or something like that.

This reminds us of a simpler time, one in which people weren't so fussed with health and safety, they were more concerned with having a good time.

T​he EB110 was an utterly brilliant machine with 12 cylinders, and 12 individual throttle bodies, all of which put out a simply eye-watering 553 horsepower. Unfortunately, however, the all wheel drive beast was launched amidst a global recession in 1991, so as you might imagine not many people were willing to pony up their rapidly shrinking millions for Bugatti's latest car.

N​ow, whether or not this ferocious snow drifting contributed to Bugatti's demise in the late 90s' we shall never know, but it suer does make for some damn good entertainment.


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Comments (5)

  • ... and the german shepherd was feeded by Audi...

      1 year ago
  • Man i love this video. Just having fun in the late 80s with some colleges drifting your prototype hypercar in the snow, no media the only distraction is the enjoyable dog running along with your hypercar. Life can be amazing for these😁

      1 year ago
  • That's an EB110?

      1 year ago