Watch a Corvette ZR1 pushed so hard on the track it triggered a crash sensor

GM's OnStar emergency service thought the test driver had a crash whilists pushing the car hard on the track

2y ago

Do you think you can push your car to the limit? Like really so much to the limit, so much so that the manufacturers emergency service calls you thinking that you just have had a crash?

Well this 'guy' aka Andy Pilgrim racing driver, journalist, traffic safety campaigner a cool kinda dude, had managed just that. While pushing it in the 755bhp Corvette ZR1 he managed to generate enough G-forces/ Yaw angle for OnStar (GM's emergency service) operators call him not once but three times during one lap of the 3.2 mile NCM Motorsports Park Circuit.

OnStar got a bit worried when Andy chucked the 'Vette through the tight S-bends just before the start/finish straight, leading to a call from them asking if anyone got hurt in the 'crash' as that's what they thought had just happened. All as he was in the middle of braking from nearly 150mph to 60mph to take the first corner, great timing OnStar.

Amazingly Andy did not lose his cool one bit and kept giving it his all, while also assuring the OnStar operator that no one is hurt and the car isn't in fact on its roof explaining that he's just having a bit of fun. The whole situation then repeats itself less than a minute later when Andy went around a bunch of cars a bit too fast for OneStars team liking, but he pressed on almost unaffected if not a little annoyed.

The whole thing then repeats itself for the last time when Andy hits the ankers down after crossing the finish line, there is no official word on what caused the calls from GM.

Automobile Magazine with whom Andy works said that the GM engineers weren't able to give a definitive answer for why the calls happened, and claimed that it only happens with Andy behind the wheel saying.

" Even more odd, Chevy insisted to us that it in all its miles of ZR1 track testing, it has only heard of this scenario when Pilgrim is the driver behind the wheel, and only when he’s flogging the car at the NCM track." -Automobilie Magazine

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