Watch a couple of 2JZ Toyota 2000GT's drive around Japan

Video: Watch two 2JZ powered 2000gT's cruise around Japan

2y ago


If you're not familiar with Rocky Auto, they are a tuning outfit in Japan who are renowned for their crazy resto-mod projects and mind blowing engine swaps in classic Japanese cars. For example, swapping modern Nissan RB engines and Lexus V8's into 70's Skylines.

In this latest video from Rocky Auto they show two Toyota 2000GT's that are running the mighty 2JZ engine.

As original 2000GT's are super expensive and highly sought after, founder of Rocky Auto, Yoshiya “Rocky-san” Watanabe hand built his own 2000GT replicas.


The result is the Rocky Auto 3000GT, which looks exactly like a 2000GT but is powered by a one of the world’s strongest and most reliable engines, the 2JZ. The same engine that you would find a MKIV Supra.

The video shows the two cars, one of which is a convertible just like the car from the Bond movie 'You only live twice', driving casually around the roads of Japan to the loading screen music of Gran Turismo. Man I love Japan.

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  • Very very cool. Nice post. Based off the MX5 I believe? Not sure which generation tho. He the one that does the Miura kits for the MX5 too?

      1 year ago