Watch A Lamborghini Race R/C Car

The result may or may not surprise you.

3y ago

This should be easy right? The Lambo had 550 horsepower which propels the Gallardo to 60 un 3.6 seconds. For Christ sake it is the raging bull full of V10 fury.It should be able to beat some frustrated hobbyist's creation without breaking a sweat. Well this is no ordinary R/C car. It is some kind nitro car and it is stupendously fast. How fast? Watch and find out.

The R/C car did have the advantage of a short, 300 foot race but good lord this wasn't even close. I mean that is some serious speed for something that costs less than one of the Lambo's wheels. How you manage to keep something with that short a wheel base with that much speed is astonishing.

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