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Watch A Mazda Rotary Rev So Hard It Explodes

1y ago


The rotary engine is famed for its revviness, compact size, weird noise, and little else. It chugs oil, it's based around a handful of spinning metal Doritos, and by the time most cars need a new timing belt, it's eaten itself alive. Unless it's the poor little Mazda in this video, which sadly exploded long before its time.

The video from GrassRoots Garage was taken at Rotary Revival, a rotary import meetup in Sydney where the little Mazda was competing with other cars to find out who has the most obnoxious exhaust, or maybe the yellowest paint. The car appears to be a second-generation Mazda Familia, which was sold for ten years from 1967 to 1977 and was originally fitted with a 987cc engine punting out 50 wheezing horses. I think it's safe to say this one makes a bit more than that.

It's easier to see in the second video how pieces of the engine shot straight through the cowl and got embedded in the metal, meaning some very important bits are now very dead. The engine was likely doing close to redline at the time of catastrophe, which for a rotary like this would be at least 9,000-10,000rpm.

My favorite part of the video, by far, is the look of surprise and then abject horror on the driver's face. I'm sort of having second thoughts about buying that secondhand RX-8 I was looking at.


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  • I think that's the flywheel that came off and destroyed the gearbox

    11 months ago
  • oil? you numpties. the clutch assembly exploded. pretty clear if you watch the video and have seen a clutch. happens to piston engines, too, hence the invention of scatter shields.

    11 months ago
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