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Watch a rally-spec 911 GT3 blast around disused sections of the Nordschleife

It's very intense!

1y ago

The Nürburgring. One of the most hallowed grounds in motorsport. A place where both cars and drivers have been pushed to the absolute limit and, unfortunately, where people have lost their lives. This video, however, shows us a side to the infamous circuit that many of us probably didn't know about before.

This video shows a rally-spec Porsche 911 GT3 (996), a variant of the original (and what some might call the best) GT3, being taken on a wild right through a rally stage set in the midst of the circuit. It's part of the Rallye Köln-Ahrweiler and its route takes it through supply lanes and parking areas of the Nürburgring, as well as sections of the Südschleife, which has been abandoned since the construction of the modern circuit in the 1980s. The stage itself is named after that old Nürburgring loop, presumably in homage to what came before it.

Predictably, it's a very intense watch. The whole of the video is filmed from inside the car and you really feel the sensation of speed and the bumps and troughs of the rougher sections of roads as the rally-spec 911 thunders through the German forests. You can definitely tell in parts where the old Südschleife circuit ran too, making you wonder what the races that took place on top of that old tarmac must have been like. All in all, if you want to watch an onboard perspective of a rally stage coupled with a trip into racing history, this is a pretty awesome watch!

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  • Didn’t know that there was another part of that track. Just dig up more information on it. Very cool.

      1 year ago
  • Rally racing is so sick

      1 year ago