Watch a Stupid Veyron Owner Reverse Into a LaFerrari

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I don't know about you, but I'd probably melt a little if I nudged my car up against a supercar worth several million. To be honest, the same would happen if I hit another car, full top. I don't know how the driver of the Veyron felt, but I'm sure he wasn't feeling good about the situation.

this happened outside the Plaza Athénée in Paris. Two cars with a combined value of around £8million according to recent auction sales (The Laf considerably more expensive than the Veyron) , hit each other. If you listen closely, you can hear the Veyron driver's heart stop.

this particular Veyron is the L’or Blanc edition. This means it has been painted using the same styles and techniques of the artisans at the German porcelain designer, Königliche Porzellan-Manufatur (KPM). For the finishing touches, certain parts of the car such as the fuel cap, wheel centres, and some of the interior, are pieced together by KPM themselves by hand in porcelain.

It's also extremely rare, so maybe he should turn on his reversing sensors next time...


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  • Laughable at best. He barely knicked it, and while it is nearly unforgivable, how many times have we been told that rearward vision in a supercar is none existant? The bloke on the sidewalk should have been spotting him. The fellow in the The Ferrari should have tooted his horn. Or backed up further. Either way, "That'll Buff Out...*

    1 year ago
  • he wanted the Ferrari to kiss his butt

    1 year ago
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