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Watch: a Toyota Rav4 crashes straight through someone's backyard!

1w ago


It turns out that a Toyota driver in Miami-Dade County, USA took the concept of off-roading a little too seriously...

The woman driving the driving the rav4 apparently suffered from a medical condition, causing her unfortunate crash and - according to the family - if it hadn't been raining there would have likely been children playing in the back-yard.

The video from the surveillance camera is particularly chilling as we can clearly see the out of control SUV slide right over the poolside where children often play so, for once, let's be thankful for bad weather.

The family are currently asking Miami-Dade officials to extend the double barrier on the freeway where the crash occurred as - get this - the local area has seen a total of seven similar incidents...that's right...seven!

I don't know about you guys but that's way too many for me, so let's hope Miami-Dade county gets to work extending that barrier.


If that's been way too many near-misses for one day, check out this cool Toyota Mug - you can make yourself a relaxing cup of tea to calm your nerves! I know I need too...

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  • Well, that's one way to put a RAV4 out of its misery.

      10 days ago
  • Nobody:

    Me in the Crew 2 trying to see if the water in the backyard pools are fake:

      3 days ago