Watch: Alfa Romeo Alfaholics GTA-R 290 vs Giulia Quadrifoglio

4y ago
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Henry Catchpole puts two very different Alfa Romeos to the test

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  • I dont get why he says he never found that 'fuzz' feeling in any other Alfa since he was born. Maybe he just never driven some of the greats. I own a 1985 GTV6 which has been modified with a 3L engine from a 75 America (and a lot of other mods/upgrades) and its such a great car that doesn't stand down when its up against Porsche's and Ferrari's of the same era. I also own a 155 with the same engine as that 290R (The chain driven TS 8v) actually I've had 5 of them (incl. one 2.5 V6 12v) and they turned out to be great cars all of them - and actually more reliable than any German car I have owned.

    Go for a drive in a GT 3.2 V6 - and U get the looks, the speed and the roar as in any other thoroughbred! Handling might not be perfect but with a few mods good enough to outperform a stock M3. (Even the Autodelta 147 GTA 3.7 V6 did that with just 328BHP)

    Most Alfa's are ignored cuz way too many still thinks they're just full of reliability issues. I can't agree. My Alfa's have been as reliable to me as any other car - Japanese or European.

    And to add to the upside list - they're cheap to get at if you buy 2nd hand cuz no one wants them - and when you buy one - even if it's 10 years old, you're sure to have the prettiest car in your neighbourhood...

      4 years ago
  • Great story telling. Had me mesmerised. Love my Alfa

      4 years ago
  • Best car review I've seen in a long time! So well made with beautiful cars in a beautiful place, what's not to love!

      4 years ago
  • another fantastic video review from someone fast becoming one of my favourite motoring journos. keep it up Henry! oh yes and the cars are gorgeous, especially the GTA

      4 years ago
  • Just woow!!

      4 years ago