- Not the best place for an Audi RS3 to end up! - Image from Junior Cr

Watch An Audi RS3 Have A Terrifying Crash When Travelling At 200KMH!

1y ago


The driver of this 2nd generation Audi RS3 model was really giving the car some beans before he missed a corner. The car was reported travelling of speed close to 200KMH, but thankfully the driver was able to hit the brakes before careering into the tyre wall.

It appears that the occupants of the car were okay, despite such a horrific crash. The car was dramatically slowed down by the gravel trap on the course, and luckily the track wall was made of tyres and not of concrete! The driver was still able to get the car airborne before the crash though!

Video from Junior Cr

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Comments (24)
  • Isn't it rich?

    Are we a pair?

    Me here at last on the ground,

    You in mid-air.

    Send in the clowns....

    as the current Audi TV ad goes

    10 months ago
  • well the seltbelt warning light still flashing lol

    why is it when cars crash the wipers always turn on.....

    1 year ago


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