- Lamborghini goes off-road! - Image from Targa Tasmania

Watch An Aventador SV Get This Corner Terribly Wrong!

1y ago


Targa Tasmania have uploaded this video of a Lamborghini Aventador SV driver getting this corner slightly wrong, ending up taking the Italian supercar a little more off-road than it was designed for.

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Video from Targa Tasmania

The Targa Tasmania is a tarmac rally that covers over 2000KM on closed roads for supercars and enthusiasts to enjoy. The rally selects 300 cars by invite only to participate, supposedly showcasing a range of different supercars. The event is running from 16th April - 21st April, with drivers and their navigators competing in 40 different stages.

Thankfully, both the driver and passenger of this hardcore Lamborghini were okay. It is unclear what damage was caused to the Aventador, but it's not something i'd like to see again in a hurry!