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Watch: Around 4000 cars visit the world's largest car wash on a daily basis

This is certainly a far bigger operation than than the jet wash at your local servo.

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Anyone with the faintest ounce of empathy for their car will want to make sure it gets a wash to make it sparking clean at least every once in a while, and although many of us petrolheads will most likely want to either do it ourselves on a sunny Sunday arvo or take it to a professional detailer, for most people, the car wash will do.

However, with how big the queues can get at the car wash even in smaller towns, how do you handle the volume of traffic in a 635,000-person city like Stuttgart, Germany? It's simple – you make it bigger.

Although you might have perhaps expect the world's biggest car wash to be in somewhere like Texas – where, as we know, everything is bigger – it's actually in the hometown of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche that the aptly-named Mr. Wash is located, and you can take a virtual tour of it by way of checking out this fascinating 50-minute documentary on it produced by the WELT Documentary YouTube channel below.

Now, for those of you who are time-poor, let me provide you with a basic overview of this massive operation. The whole operation takes up 15,000m2 of space, and is able to wash more than 300 cars in just a single hour, amounting to over 4000 cars being washed there every single day.

Mr. Wash also employs 110 hand-washers in addition to having automated carwashes, with these staff members working on a tightly-managed production line in which tasks such as snow-foaming, vacuuming, and hand waxing are performed. Going above and beyond just washing, there are even stations dedicated to providing car servicing at the massive facility, along with even a full-service petrol station.

It's safe to say, then, that this is far from your ordinary car wash, and is one seriously impressive operation, and if you enjoy watching oh-so-satisfying car detailing videos on YouTube, I reckon this might just be the doco for you.

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  • God you are just asking for trouble going to a car wash, the swirl marks !!!! it’s impossible to do a good job. Whatever happened to doing it yourself at home ??

      1 day ago