W​atch as a Cupra Leon touring car is rebuilt in a race against time

A​ccidents in motorsport happen but what challenges and pressures to teams face to get back on track?

5w ago

T​eam HARD are one of the UKs biggest motorsport teams but when the worst happens on track, what challenges do the team face to get their race cars repaired and on the grid?

W​atch as we take you behind the scenes of the full rebuild and journey to get the brand new Cupra Leon back on the track in a race against time.

W​atch the Cupra Leon get rebuilt and the process below

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  • I remember at Bathurst, the top trade school students/apprentices would be on-site to do body repairs on any damaged cars leading up to the race.

    Most famous would of been Dick Johnsons "Greens Tuf" Falcon. Heavily damaged during Saturday afternoons qualifying. The sign writing was still tacky when the car was wheeled onto the grid.....

      1 month ago