Watch as a Porsche 911 driver gets annihilated by a 600bhp Audi Avant sleeper

45w ago


We have all been there – you’re in the process of driving, and you find yourself at a traffic light Grand Prix or simply making your way on a slip road when you come across something that is slower and therefore inferior to your car.

It’s obviously more feeble than your car in every way or form you think, as you then apply a generous dose of throttle in an attempt to swat off this lesser mortal you are swiftly sent packing with your tail between your legs as this now bitter rival leaves you for dust.

You have just been well and truly annihilated by a sleeper.

This Porsche 911 driver scoffed at the sight of this Audi Avant, turns out he was wrong, 600bhp wrong at that.

Which one would you pick? The 911 or the Audi Avant sleeper? Let us know in the comments.....

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Comments (26)
  • Audi by far...... even if it is a sleeper. Porsche, although very nice car is just a hamster car

    9 months ago
  • More knob heads putting people's life at risks!

    9 months ago
    • Most likely autobahn where there is not a speed limit....obviously not North America

      9 months ago


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