- Patricio O'Ward goes airborne in Indy 500 Practice Session Crash. Image Credit: NTT IndyCar Series.

Watch As Indy 500 Practice Claims Another Car

4d ago


We know that Indy 500 is a dangerous sport, but in two days we have seen two high speed accidents. Yesterday we saw Fernando Alonso crash in his number 66 McLaren; today we see Patricio O'Ward go into the wall and go airborne.

The 20 year old Mexican is a rookie in Indy 500 this year, and for sure this high speed shunt will have shaken him up a bit. Other than that, NTT Indycar series have confirmed that he is okay and has been released from the medical centre.

The rookie lost the rear end of the car going into Turn 2, which caused him to violently hit the wall from the front end. After the front made contact with the wall, the rear bounced back into the wall where the car went into a half flip. Luckily for O'Ward, the car landed back on all 4 of (what was left) of his wheels, before gently stopping in the middle of the track

"It looks like I just lost it, I guess." is what Patricio had to say after the accident. "There's not much more I could say about that but I'm just happy I'm OK and I know the team is gonna get stuff ready for the next sessions or at least tomorrow. " he followed up with.

O'Ward described the accident as a 'hard hit', saying 'he felt it all through his body'.

I am very much glad to hear he is okay. The crash structures of these Indy Cars are very good at what they do, to prevent a car from being shredded in such a high speed impact shows just how impressive the safety features are.

Thank you for reading. This is the last article I am going to write about Indy 500 crashes, I feel that it will become too repetitive. However, if you would like to see more Indy 500 content from me, leave a comment below and follow me so you are up to date with all my posts. :D

Watch the video below from the NTT IndyCar Series' YouTube channel: