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Watch as the Nurburgring descends into a chaotic 14-car pileup

For one group of drivers, a lap of the Green Hell quickly descended into chaos

3y ago

This is a first-person viewpoint of the chaos that quickly ensued during a 14-car pileup at the Nurburgring a few weeks ago. The action begins at around 30 seconds in, when the helmet-cam driver spots an accident ahead before stopping and leaving his car to leap over the barrier to relative safety.

The driver then runs down the track to attempt to warn oncoming cars to little or no avail. Early on in the action, you can see what appears to be a dark red BMW 3-series saloon successfully pulling over before being ploughed into by an incoming Audi TT amongst a continuous stream of cars who have no idea of the chaos they are about to unwittingly become a part of.

The pile-up looks like the 14-car freak accident reported by Bridge To Gantry in early November 2017 with a number of the cars involved matching up.

According to BTG, two of the people involved in the accident were hospitalised.

This is a video of the aftermath of the chaos where you can clearly see a number of cars involved including what appears to be a Porsche 911 GT3RS along with a host of track-ready BMW’s all looking somewhat worse for wear.

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Comments (60)

  • That cam bloke is a bit of a hero really, he does the exact right thing, gets to the right hand side of the track, gets out of his own car to safety and without flinching too much when he sees that his car was driven into, tries his very best to warn others to slow down.

      3 years ago
  • Maybe it's time to think think about LED signals, let's say every 1000m. They could be triggered by CCTV guy or by emergency buttons...

      3 years ago

    Lets say the problem arises cause to unknowingly approaching through the blind corners is a early warning can be in place politicians will have way les ground on stopping the green hobby of many and less pile ups oopsy daisies.. the technology is there now only a programmer to write a script and a mandatory safety app is born..

      3 years ago
    • Would be cool if you could connect it to the car so when the crash occure it would immediately send the data and location of the car to the app so everyone knows. And it should also be compulsory for all drivers and they should have it open all the...

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        3 years ago
    • exactly.. could even be tested in GTSport..

        3 years ago
  • Can't help but think a simple electronic signage system around the track like motorways have could have easily warned drivers earlier on that there was an accident and to slow right down would have avoided most of the carnage, am sure with the money that's earned they could implement it or do they earn more money from the accidents and subsequent damage? Proper cash for crash

      3 years ago
  • I'm just curious... What was Richard Hammond doing on the track??

      3 years ago