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Watch as train crash destroys $2,000,000 of Fords

W​ell that's one way to turn an SUV into a convertible.

38w ago

The American rail network is an effective and popular mode of new car transport within the states - but occasionally, things don't go as planned. Bridges with low clearance can always prove to be stressful on drivers of large vehicles, and the clearance of this bridge clearly wasn't made for the train that attempted to pass under it.

C​redit: Youtube - NewsXMonger

C​redit: Youtube - NewsXMonger

Countless brand new Ford and Lincoln SUVs were on their way to showrooms across the United States when they received a sudden and unexpected transformation along the train tracks. As depicted in the video below, a considerable number of vehicles were destroyed as the train continually wedged itself under a low bridge in Memphis, Tennessee, shaving off the roof of the train itself and exposing the cars to a sudden makeover with crushed roofs.

According to the video uploader, $2,000,000 worth of damage was incurred, and I can only hypothesise that dozens of these new SUVs were destroyed in the accident.

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