Watch: Audi doing tunnel run while towing a caravan will blow your mind

This must have been unexpected. What’s the weirdest vehicle-trailer combination you’ve ever seen?

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The automotive community is a varied and diverse place. Some of us like to restore old classics, some will only ever get excited by a car baring a certain badge and some will add more complex aero parts to their hatchbacks than a Formula One car. Despite being a very divided group, most of us share the same hatred: caravans.

The ridiculously small boxes on wheels some people call their home from home clog up the roads more than a severe snowstorm. As the inconsiderate people that seem to enjoy living on a trailer seemingly couldn’t give less of a hoot about other road users, they usually drag their caravans around with the least powerful, yet biggest cars possible.


In fact, most caravans will be seen hitched up to the odd Dacia Duster, Mazda CX-3 or Nissan Qashqai. In other words, caravaners are fanatical about cheap SUVs that look like they could go off-road but in reality, barely have all-wheel drive.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. From time to time, a Range Rover may be restrained by a mobile home. One thing no one would ever expect to see tugging a caravan around the countryside is a fully decked out Audi RS6 with an exhaust like a dragon.


That’s what one lucky motorist caught on camera back in 2012. Not only was the car attached to the trailer rather impressive, but it was also having some fun in a tunnel. One can only imagine the surprise of hearing that iconic Audi twin-turbo V8 noise seconds before seeing a caravan speed past.

I’m sure there are other strange car and trailer combinations powering through the world’s road system. If you’ve ever seen a Smart Car pulling a horsebox or a large lorry transporting a generator on wheels, let me know in the comments.

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Comments (15)

  • here in the Netherlands we use a lot of bicycles, so I've seen practically everything towed by a bicycle, from dogs to carriages!

      7 months ago
  • The Pope, "Ah, Men".

      7 months ago
  • All caravans should be towed this way 🤪

      7 months ago
  • I saw a bicycle towing a dog trailer and some bags

      7 months ago
  • In Australia there is a Lamborghini Murchielago with a tow bar fitted that tows a 6x4 caged trailer - I think is a farmer

      6 months ago