Watch: Aventador vs Countach | Which Lambo is Best?

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There are two kinds of people in this world. Those who like Lamborghinis and those who prefer plain oatmeal over cheerios. If you're not into loud and exotic cars then you may want to spend your time else where because Harry is comparing two of the wildest cars ever built.

Both of these mid-engined V12 beasts defined the bedroom walls of generations. They are fast, loud, and impractical just like a good super car should be. What does 20 years of progress get you?

Well, for one you still get insane styling and a big V12 but a little refinement found it's way into Lambo's formula. Thanks to the stern adults from Audi, Lambo has grown up a little. They stopped drinking wine during lunch and even decided comfort could be a good feature.

Either way these cars are incredible icons. Many supercars have come and gone but Lamborghinis stand the test of time. Some how the crazy styling and kit car build of Countach stood the test of time and inspired a car that happens to be the base for one of the fastest cars around the Nurburgring.

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  • "VW Aventador vs Lamborghini Countach - Witch is Better?"

    6 days ago
  • The aventador is a better car but the countach is a better lamborghini.

    7 days ago
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