Watch: Bonkers 1,100hp Mazda Miata humiliates a 1,500hp Mustang on a drag strip

That is the ultimate pocket rocket

13w ago

Drag racing strips are quite a magical place. You never know what you may find, especially when it's full of tuned cars. For example, you probably wouldn't expect to see a powerful MX-5 there, would you?

In this video, an insane 1,100hp Miata takes on a 1,500hp Mustang on a drag strip. This is normally a race you would think has a clear winner, but not on the side you'd expect.

By the time the two cars had reached the end of the road, the Mustang had clocked an 8.33 seconds quarter-mile time, but the Miata was quicker, clocking an insane 8.26 seconds. This is probably thanks to it being lighter than the Mustang but still having a big V8 upfront.

The Mustang driver said: "Very close race; we will bring more pressure next year, definitely the best experience I've had racing!"

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Comments (15)


      3 months ago
    • Yessir they do! I want a Miata one day but being 5'9 and not done growing makes it kinda hard ;-;

        3 months ago
    • I know I’m 6 foot and I still have time to grow I won’t be able to get in

        3 months ago
  • I wouldnt call that a humiliation, there was 1/10th of a second difference. It could go either way if one of the drivers had a better reaction time off the start or better tire hook up.

      3 months ago
  • It’s an MX5, sorry

      3 months ago
  • What can I say? Miata is always the answer.

      3 months ago
  • Power to weight

      2 months ago