W​atch: Camaro driver provokes a Tesla owner for a drag race

A​nd it doesn't end well

10w ago

While developing Tesla cars, Elon Musk may have envisioned the simultaneous rise of a Tesla car community. He may not have foreseen the dislike and even hatred these EVs incite, mostly from petrolheads. So much that Tesla owners are often provoked for a rapid acceleration test between the lights. Which, for a Camaro owner, ended a lot worse than he would’ve expected.

Posted on Youtube channel ‘racingflorida’ is a video taken from the backseat of a Tesla vehicle. It shows the Tesla driver announcing his car being a Tesla to a fellow passerby in his Camaro and consequently following up with adamant ‘no, no, no’ and 'I don't care' chants.

As the events unfolded, it became clear that the Camaro driver must've been egging the EV driver for a possible rolling drag race between the lights. Even after repeated denial to participate in this speeding-in-traffic-rodeo, the Camaro driver goes full acceleration and rather instantly loses control of his car while looking to avoid the upcoming divider.

Interestingly, the car travels across the width of the street and crashes onto the side of the road. The fossil-fuel-powered vehicle sustains damages while miraculously not damaging any other passing cars in the process. And yet, that doesn’t stop the Camaro driver from revving the engine.

One can hear the Tesla occupants worried about themselves as they demand the driver to drive off from the scene instead of checking on the Camaro. Now, this must’ve been an incident this Tesla driver would share within his community to share some laughs. As for the Camaro driver, you left us petrolheads embarrassed.

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Comments (14)

  • that's an ancient Camaro what was the dude in it thinking?

      2 months ago
    • Exactly. Like why the hell would you even try that?!

        2 months ago
    • Maybe if he had at least, like over 350hp, it'd be justifiable, but it's just a clapped out but stock z28

        2 months ago
  • Let me guess…Florida right?

      2 months ago
  • I needed the laugh. Thanks Yash!!

    Poser in old camaro wants some. Yeah. RIGHT. And that's exactly what he did - HARD RIGHT. D'oh.

    That car needed to visit the bin anyway.

      2 months ago
  • His mullet must have blocked his vision causing him to crash. Or…did you see the size of that alligator he swerved right to miss???🙄

      2 months ago
  • Camaro driver can't drive, so situation normal.

      2 months ago