- Andrew Chapman in the Toyota 86

WATCH: Clubman Series - Grass Roots Rallying

1y ago


The NSW Clubman Rally events are conducted as part of a series and the series will consist of at least 4 events over the course of the year. Competitors are awarded points based on their performance at each event, and at the end of the year, the series winner is announced. The Clubman is one of the main rally series operating in NSW.

Events in the Clubman Rally Series are designed to provide great value competition in a very user-friendly format, usually running on Saturday afternoons and early evenings. The regulations in the Clubman Rally Series are less stringent than in higher levels of rallying, and the focus here is really on having a fun weekend, rather than playing for sheep stations.

All Clubman Rally Series events have minimal vehicle eligibility regulations to encourage the focus to be on developing the skills of the crew rather than investing in the performance of the car.

NSW State Rally Championship events are a step up from the Clubman Series, with a higher standard of cars and competitors. The pace is generally much quicker, and the required commitment of time and money is also more significant. State events attract a much higher degree of marketing and promotional activity, and will include ceremonial starts and media days.

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