Watch Colin McRae's Impreza get a Christmas Tree incredibly sideways

Tim Rodie posted in Subaru

46w ago


This is absolutely the Christmas petrolhead video to end all Christmas petrolhead videos.

It tells the flame-spitting, earsplitting, ford-splashing story of luxury car salesman (and incredibly talented driver) Max Girardo using a 1997 Colin McRae Safari Rally WRC Impreza to fetch a Christmas tree.

All you need to know is it features big jumps, beautiful drifts, a gorgeous rally stage and lots of noise. Watch it below.

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Comments (9)
  • Worked as 2nd cam on this with filmmaker Tom Gidden. Took a few stills as well!

    10 months ago
    9 Bumps
    • Stunning work! You can tell he wasn’t pussyfooting around in such a valuable car either...

      10 months ago
      2 Bumps
    • certainly wasnt. we did the jump 4 or 5 times and through the water at least twice.

      10 months ago
      4 Bumps
  • That's the most beautiful thing I saw today 😍

    10 months ago
    4 Bumps


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