Watch: Crazy 3300hp Dodge Viper does 200mph on a dragstrip

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With quad turbochargers, 16 cylinders and a power output of 1578hp, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is the most powerful petrol production car to leave the factory. The Lotus Evija pips that with an all-wheel-electrified powertrain and an accompanying 1974hp output. Quite obviously, our desire for more never dies, which is why the world also hides a Dodge Viper with over 3000hp! Intergalactic travel doesn’t seem far away now.

October 7-10 witnessed the Bradenton Motorsports Park host the FL2K event for automotive enthusiasts in Florida. Spectators must’ve gotten their money’s worth as this year’s event witnessed FL2K record its highest quarter-mile speed ever at 208.79 mph (or 336kmph) in the rolling race category.

This feat achieving machine was a fifth-gen Dodge Viper, made by Nth Moto tuners. The tuning company aimed to unveil its creation at this event, but such a performance must’ve left a long-lasting impression on everyone’s minds. In a video documented by That Racing Channel, the founder explained their motto of marrying everyday convenience with a mountain of power. But for this specific silver Viper, the owner’s request was to make it drag-strip-smug-face friendly.

Hence, the body features hardly any exterior modifications to contest its street legality. Apart from the fat rear tires and two protrusions at the rear, everything seems standard. Even on the inside, the roll cage isn’t all intrusive. The dashboard remains intact with the air-conditioning and the stereo systems working, opposed to the stripped-out guise one would expect. The only changes here comprise the lightweight seats and the hand brake that releases the parachute from the rear protrusion instead of locking up the axle.

That parachute isn’t some ejector-seat safety unit but aids in stopping a car with the same power as a WWII fighter jet. The video further captures the drag racing along with the in-car view added with telemetry data. The channel further interviewed the tuner shop representative, explaining the silver Viper recently recorded a 3,306hp at the dyno run.

Additionally, the engine is still the V10 factory unit with the original engine heads intact. And yet, the boys from Nth Moto have managed to increase the power output five-folds from the 640hp offered as standard! A Dodge Viper with enough power to catapult it to another galaxy but domesticated to make the office errands.

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